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1 on 1 Childbirth classes (in person or Online)

My 1 on 1 childbirth classes will prepare you and your partner for creating a birthing/labor experience that is informed and empowered.

Classes: 4 x 2hrs Online + 1 x In-person  ( Or 5 x 2hrs Online)

I will help you understand and learn:                                                        

- Fetal positions and stations

- Stages of labor                                             

- Labor hormones 

- Labor positions                                             

- Comfort measures (physical & emotional)

- Medical interventions and pain management

- Cesarean birth & VBAC

- Recognize violence within medical institutions and how to prevent it 

- To make a birth choice map and self advocacy




1 on 1 Newborn care & Postpartum Recovery classes  (in person or Online)

If you are a first-time parent or you feel that you'd like to learn more about life after birth,  then these classes are for you!  

In the 2 x 2 hours classes, you will learn about : 

- Newborn appearances  & things to watch for                                              

- Newborn hygiene 

- Sleeping safety

- Breast feeding, bottle feeding, and other nursing options                            

- Breast care

- Postpartum self care (emotional & physical)                                              


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