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WHY Hire A Doula ?


Doulas are trained non-medical professionals who provide continuous emotional and physical care for the birthing parent and the partner before, during, and after labor.


Doulas provide evidence-based information and knowledge regarding pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery, and infant care. 


Doulas encourage parents to practice critical thinking as well as to make informed decisions regarding their reproduction health, birth choices, postpartum wellness, and care of their child(ren). 

Positive Birth/Labor Experience

- 15 % increase in spontaneous vaginal birth

   (lower medical induction rate)

- Shorter labor time

- 39 % decrease in risk of Cesarean birth 

- 31% increase in birth experience satisfaction

- Lower risk of low Apgar score

- Lower rate of medical pain relief

Confidence in Parenthood

- Lower rate of postpartum depression

- Increase oxytocin level 

- Higher satisfaction rate of breastfeeding

- Smoother transition into parenthood

- General reproduction health improvement

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