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Meet Hsin-yi
Hsin-Yi Chen

Hi, amazing people, welcome to Hsin-yi Doula Care. 

I (she/her) am a doula, a reproductive rights advocate, and a trauma-specialized  counselor. After giving birth at a birth center (Geburtshaus) in 2022, I became a mother of a lovely boy. 


I come origianlly from Taiwan, but in the past 14 years, I have been living and working in 3 different continents (Asia, North America, and Europe). In March 2020, I moved to Munich, Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic and have since been providing support for families in this international city. 

Before becoming a doula, my main work was to provide counseling and advocacy for survivors of gender based violence.  (I’m a Licensed Master of Social Work and hold a MA in Human Rights :))


Because of this particualr background, I am dedicated to creating an environment that is safe and empowering for my clients. It is also the reason that I have developed my doula practice to be trauma-informed and to be sensitive to gender-related issues. Since I am also a certified postpartum doula in Chinese tradition (月嫂 / 陪月), I would be able to support families according to this particular cultural practice, including herbal resurgence and belly binding.  

I am here to support and to witness the journey of your pregnancy, labor/birth, postpartum recovery, and becoming parents. I am also here to provide, to the best of my ability, the comfort, confidence, and reaffirmation you need to achieve birthing and parenting goals by your definition. 

When you feel overwhelmed or vulnerable, I am here to hold the space for you, to walk with you every step of the way until you feel you are strong and well enough again.


Client Testimonals

Hsinyi provided the utmost satisfying care on an emotional level.


I believe that every pregnancy is different and emotions can run high or low. Hsinyi remained calm, composed and compassionate during her care for me, her patience and ability to listen provided the perfect platform for me to open up during the tough moments in my journey of giving birth and postpartum period.

Sometimes we focus so much on what needs to be done during this time that we forget or neglect to also work through our emotions. Hsinyi also consistently checked in with me virtually and followed up with additional supportive materials for further reading which I found very helpful.


Hsinyi is dedicated, caring and forward-thinking. She can be trusted to do her best as your doula in the physical and emotional vulnerability of pregnancy and childbirth. She brings with her a blend of knowledge and experience of the East and West.


Hsinyi’s service was a godsend to me and my growing family.  


Being stationed in Germany as a U.S. servicemember we found ourselves alone and without familial support when we were expecting our second child. Further worsened by the Covid environment, it was very difficult to find child care let alone post-partum support for my wife. 


After exhaustive research and interviewing several potential candidates - Hsinyi was our top pick and; boy, we were not disappointed.  From day one she integrated herself into our household tempo and operated with little to no instruction. For anyone that’s ever served in the military, you know what it’s like to “hit the ground running” and that’s exactly what Hsinyi did. She knew what we needed and filled the gaps without even being asked.  


I believe what makes Hsinyi particular special was that she asked us a ton of questions during our interview which allowed her to be prepared for the job. Hsinyi truly delivers world-class doula care and we couldn’t be happier.


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